EPG Dispatches Giant J-Lay Tower for REEL

Giant j-lay tower produced in EPG’s Gdynia facilities for REEL was placed onboard the Jumbo Jubilee heavy lift vessel.

The j-lay tower for laying pipelines on the seabed weighs 902 tons and is 42 meters tall. It is destined for a PLSV (Pipe Lay Support Vessel).  A similar tower was made be EPG in 2013 for IMECA, a daughter company of REEL.

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Structures for Hebron mining field

Energomontaż-Północ Gdynia is carrying out commissioning the structure of four pile anchors  which are designed for Hebron mining field in Newfoundland.

EPG will perform four structures with a diameter of 1.7 m and a length of 16 m, which will be used to anchor to the seabed construction of two turrets that have also been made in the EPG. Recently the similar structures EPG made for Greater Stella mining field.

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