We organize exams for welders under the supervision of DNV, UDT, TÜV and other Classification Society. The exam is according to welding methods 135, 136, 141 or 111, on pipes or plates in a wide range of diameters and thicknesses, in all positions and material groups. We advise in the selection of the sample exam to extend a maximum range of qualifications, eliminating the need for multiple approach to the exams and help you to find work.

Examinations are conducted in accordance with the standards of European and American favorites:

  • BS EN 287-1:2007
  • BS EN 1418:2000
  • AWS D1.1/D1: 2004 M: 2004 (H 6GR)

Courses and training

We organize special courses for welders in the methods:

  • 111 – manual welding with coated electrodes
  • 136 – semi-automatic welding with shielding gas
  • 141 – Manual electrode welding

Courses are divided into three separate modules. Each one takes about 4 weeks to assimilated new skills. We provide qualified staff with the privileges of EWE, IWE, IWI conferred by the International Institute of Welding. In addition, we carry out qualification tests for welders before leaving to work outside the Polish borders.

Detailed information

tel. +48 58 770 25 14 or mobile 605 059 270