A mission of Energomontaz-Polnoc  Gdynia S.A. is the achievement of full Client’s satisfaction  with the quality of products and services provided at the highest level of health and safety with continuous increase in environmental consciousness.


  • Providing the services and production of the highest standards,
  • Meeting Client’s requirements and expectations while taking into consideration Company’s interests,
  • Continuously improving the effectiveness of processes performed and increasing the quality,
  • Meeting the requirements of appropriate standards, legal acts and local regulations,
  • Maintaining and strengthening the ‚leadership’ position in  production and assembly of  large-size elements for offshore sector as well as the increase of competitive advantage in this area of activity,
  • Striving for continuous improvement of safety conditions at workplaces through implementation of modern technical, technological and organizational solutions,
  • Preventing incidents and accidents at work, occupational diseases and near misses,
  • Considering the  role  of  Company’s employees and involving  them  to  act for  health  and safety, environmental protection and quality improvement,
  • Constant monitoring of environmental aspects,
  • Taking all activities aimed at prevention of the pollution and environmental accidents,
  • Effectively using the materials, raw materials and media.


  • Involvement  of  the  top  management  in  acting  for  quality,   health, safety  and   environmental protection,
  • Maintenance of proper organization of the quality management,
  • Cyclical reviews and assessment of the Integrated Management System,
  •  Improvement  of employees’ professional qualifications, competences and consciousness within  the scope of quality, health, safety and environmental protection,
  • Modernization and development of the productive capacity,
  • Provision of funds for proper functioning of quality, health, safety and environmental protection,
  • Identification of hazards and occupational risk assessment at workplace,
  • Observance of the principles of prevention and maintenance of readiness to respond to accidents and serious failures,
  • Observance of law regulations, voluntarily accepted standards and Client’s requirements concerning health and safety,
  • Dissemination of  information  on  health  and  safety  hazards among  employees and  cooperating organizations,
  •  Continuous monitoring of workplaces and working conditions,
  • Determination  of   goals,  tasks  and  programs  to   the   benefit  of   quality,  health,  safety  and environmental protection,
  • Notification of environmental hazards inside and outside of the organization,
  • Constant improvement of the knowledge of Integrated Management System among employees.